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The school plan

current school offerings

We offer two plans currently, a summer program and classes for SRVUSD schools during school year. We plan on expanding to more schools, but as of now refer to the list below for the schools we currently teach at.

  • Gale Ranch - inviting students on DVHS campus // flyer
  • Windemere Ranch - inviting students on DVHS campus // flyer

We hope to dramatically improve students’ lives and acquire new students—or expand our relationship with existing students—by designing the best experiences for them.


School Plan

Finding the Right Course

Course Selection will be made possible upon registration.


  • Learn about Data Structures
  • Comprehensively understand Algorithms
  • Work on Real World Projects

Hardware Development

  • Master the basics of C or Python
  • Understand Mechanical Practices
  • Learn Basics of Circuitry & Electrical Physics

USACO bronze training w/ Python

  • Review the Basics of Python
  • Acquire Problem Solving Skills
  • Basics of Memory, Time, and Efficiency

Classes at Coyote Creek

Coyote Creek has given us the opportunity to teach and start our organization. When we started off, we had over 70 students who showed interest and proceeded to excel in STEM courses.

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Importance of Computer Science

As we're nearing the singularity and technological renaissance, it's very important for citizens and especially students to be well informed about the coming breakthroughs. (and maybe even contribute to them.)

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